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 Our Group Support meetings are still running!

Join our friendly and welcoming

Group Support and Information Evenings

for peer support and advice 

for parents of ADHD children 

and adults with ADHD.

Meetings for adult ADHD on the last Tuesday of each month

Parents of ADHD children on the first Wednesday of each month.

7pm - 8.30

Change of date!

In July only, the Parents Support Meeting is on the second Wednesday.

Join us at one of our next online "Zoom" meetings:


Wednesday 14th   7pm-8.30 Parenting children with ADHD


Please note, for this month only, the Parents Support Meeting is on the second Wednesday instead of the first one -

Tuesday 27th      7pm-8.30 Adult ADHD

Email [email protected] to attend any session

To find out more about the sessions, have a look at the Support Group Blog page 

Also join our private group on Facebook for peer support and advice

Before lock down we held monthly meetings at a community hall in Eynsham, Oxfordshire.

All meetings will continue to be held online (using Zoom) until further notice.

We rely on donations to continue our support for people affected by ADHD.

To donate please use

Thank you very much!